The Fishing Club 3D

The Fishing Club 3D

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Features And Descriptions

WARNING: Highly addictive sport-fishing game with competitive multiplayer action!

Bait your hooks and join the ultimate 3D fishing multiplayer action.

  • Go fishing around the planet
  • Cast your line at Lake Coho in the United States and catch walleye, bass, muskies, salmon, trout and many more
  • Sail the caribbean islands and catch marlins, sharks, tuna, sailfish and many more
  • Sail your boat along the east coast of Australia and catch great white sharks, swordfish, black marlins and many more
  • Bait your hooks in Europe and catch carps, pikes, rainbow trouts, zander and many more.
  • Explore the heart of Africa and catch goliath tigerfish, kamba catfish, tigerfish and many more.
  • Clash with other fishing clubs in PvP multiplayer competitions and become the king of the fishing spot.
  • Take part in epic competitions on your own or with your fishing club and win prizes and glory.
  • Catch over 200 different fish types
  • Collect recipes and ingredients to craft your own baits
  • Join or create a fishing club
  • Complete quests and catch legendary fish like the mysterious Tiger Trout and many others
  • Go on an epic treasure hunt and catch the infamous shark Gorgemaw.

Go fishing and relax

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The Fishing Club 3D

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