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Cavern is a dungeon crawler in the vein of genre classics like Rogue and Nethack - but with original game world not based on any existing roguelike. Each level is randomly generated so no two games are the same.

Cavern was full of ancient treasure which surface people dug up to keep their high standards of living. Caves were inhabited by hostile creatures of the nether but Mystery Object of the surface kept the evil weak with it’s power. Somehow, creatures of the deep managed to steal the Mystery Object and took it to the deepest levels of the Cavern. Now You, the Hero, must retrieve it before it’s powers are used against the Surface!

Features: •Shops to buy equipment and sell treasure •Three characters to play: Fighter : strong melee character. Adventurer : specialises in bows. Mystic : uses wands and scrolls. •Vintage game art by DeBray Bailey •16 randomly generated dungeons •In-game tutorial •Over 40 different monsters •Randomized item attributes and special unique items. •Online Highscores and ranking for each game played. •Saves your exact game state when receiving call or switching to another app. •Juicy sound effects. •Permadeath

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